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The central theme of my books, as corny as it sounds, is to be you! Throughout my life I have been ostracized, bullied and criticised. Every cruel moment has allowed me to embrace myself for me. When I finally started to stop caring what others thought of me, or how they viewed me, a weight was lifted from me, much like that of when I came out to my parents. Life is short, but only you can make it sweet! 

I have been very fortunate with my writing and ideas. It all started one night when I had had too much red wine, and was slightly angry at the world and the company I was working for. I decided to do a healthy "rage writing act", to let the angry leave my body to be encapsulated onto the pages in front of me. It was from there that I was inspired to continue such an activity. It was not only confronting, it also put my mind at ease. Before I knew it, I had written over 200,000 words. It was a pile of mess to begin with, but once I started sorting, they became three books. I had put so much effort, time and love into these books, I couldn't not allow my lazy self to not publish, so off I went to Google, I typed in, "How to self-publish". 

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