J.A.O.B is a story of heart, pain, determination and sometimes sheer stupidity in what people do to stand up for what is right. J.A.O.B is the autobiography of Brendon Luke, recounting a dramatic chain of events throughout my work and personal life. It delves into various episodes and encounters with the sort of people we all come across - both the reasonable and the highly unreasonable - across my career in the medical industry (plagued with entangled and sometimes preschool-ish affairs), my people-winning and fabulously flamboyant private persona as a man of taste (and of the non-hetero variety), my formative years, and all the good people throughout (as well as more than a few repugnant ones).

The tale, beginning with my formative years working at the cinema and the friends and trials i experience along the way. As i move on and expand my horizons my personal connections reveal how people can sometimes be poisonous, and sometimes how they can just be utter morons as shown by some of my flatmates. The same can be said of my active love life and the partners along the way, including some who are prepared to move halfway across the globe for it! Debauchery is ever present in my life, which will surely keep you entertained throughout.



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