Just Another, Ordinary, Extraordinary Life 

They say every great writer is essentially telling the story of themselves over and over, that they imbue every character with someone they are, someone they know or someone they want to be. The people I discuss in the pages to come are people I love, people I hate, people I know, and to spice things up some people I wish I never knew. This is the story of people who are bold, beautiful and true, and it’s also the story of people who are poisonous, venomous and undeniably insane. This is the story of the good times and the bad, the ones that can shatter your heart into a million little pieces. This is my story, as seen through my eyes. It is the story of what it is to be me. Because I am equal parts whimsical, inspired and ADHD, the story of my life is best expressed as a collective of short stories with no real rhyme or reason linking them beyond the fact each story deserved to be told. There are stories of opportunity, stories of regret, stories of amazing moments and stories of devastation. They are the stories that make up a life both ordinary and extraordinary. To protect the identities of the innocent and the guilty I have assigned pseudonyms and obscured identifying details. For the people I love, I do it to protect their privacy, and for the people I hate, I make only a token effort so that when they are easily identifiable for the poison they are, I can at least claim to have tried. This is a story of me. At times I will employ artistic license, because sometimes it is not the facts of the moment that matter, it is how you live through the moment, and how the moment shapes your life that matters. This book is dedicated to all of the individuals who found a place in my story, and is an homage to embracing positivity and enthusiasm in even the darkest of times. It is dedicated to all those seeking the courage to walk their own path, and seek their own happiness. This is the story of my ordinary and sometimes extraordinary life.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, but this is a grown-up book, people, not a picture book, so break out your reading glasses and get ready to spend 2 or so pages reading about something that could have been easily conveyed with a single picture. (My editor is paid by the page).

My editor and I have had a disagreement about names. Because my story is an epic story of major social and historical importance, I have naturally used epic historically derived names

for the players involved. A mix of Greek, Roman etc. My editor argues that the unfamiliarity of these names for many of my readers will make it difficult to read and impede the flow of my story. I know that my readers are an intelligent bunch who could easily overcome such minor hurdles and I consider it a test of their commitment to getting to the juicy gossip when they persevere.

However, as a gay man, I am fundamentally against discrimination of any sort, so in the interests of inclusiveness I will dumb it down a bit for those of you who were looking for a more light-hearted easy to read airport bookstore type of story. So while my biography has a slight bias towards those of you who can read (at least until I can get Neil Patrick Harris to agree to narrate the audible version) and more specifically understand English (at least until the movie of my life is made and subtitled in other languages with Chris Hemsworth playing me because artistic license and all that) I have reluctantly agreed to the proposed name changes but quite frankly those of you with any taste will know that Buddy as a name is no-where near as awesome as Andromeda and Amy instead of Poseidon, yeah enough said.

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